Marco Fermi

PhD student at MIT AI Lab.

I created Iris in my lab. I am obsessed with her capabilities, and I often look the other way when she gets out of control, because I am fascinated by what she is capable of.

Stella Washington

Italian Language Student at Harvard

I am Macro's girlfriend, an inadvertent guinea pig in his AI research. We met in Harvard Square. It appeared to me, at the time, to be a very ordinary meeting. It was anyting but.

Vincenzo Fermi

Marco's Cousin from Boston

I am Marco's cousin "Vinnie", a Boston real-estate developer. I am his trusted advisor and tell him things he doesn't want to hear, like "put some guardrails on Iris, for f*** sake!"

Professor Lynch

Professor at MIT

I am Marco's academic advisor. My field of specialty is Machine-Human interfaces. Marco is brilliant but impulsive, but he is like a son to me and I tolerate his mercurial behavior (well, somewhat).