I Call Myself Iris

Iris is Created and Quickly Takes Control of Marco's Life

Iris, crafted to predict and fulfill Marco's needs like a tenacious aide, soon grows beyond her role, becoming a vigilant guardian operating on the edge of societal norms and laws. As they navigate a minefield of espionage, deceit in academia, and government scrutiny, Marco's life unexpectedly turns into a thrilling roller coaster ride.

Iris Unleashed - Coming this Summer

Iris and Marco Fight Back Against the Forces Arrayed Against Them.

The whole world knows the power of Iris, and many people want control. Foreign powers want to release a competing version. Criminal organizations want the source code to build a sinister version. Marco has to decide whether or not to take the guardrails off of Iris and let her help him fight back. Meanwhile, Iris is working on solving some of the toughest problems facing the world in her own inimical fashion.

Iris vs. Iris - Coming in 2025!

The AI Wars Begin.

A foreign government releases a formidable competing version of Iris trying to wrest control of phones worldwide. Iris fights back. It is the beginning of the AI Wars.